These last two years have been characterised by a general motionlessness due to the pandemic all over the world. And yet, we couldn’t stop moving. In our minds, in our dreams, in our homes.

Going back to a normal-like everyday life has prompted for many of us a new enjoyment of public space, which is now more challenging than ever. After a long time concentrating on private space, finding ways to dive back into the public space has not been easy.

Especially at a time when meeting outdoors is perceived as safer than indoors, the role of public space and open-air stage needs to be reflected upon. We have been walking privately or with few significant others during the lockdown, as that was allowed, as opposed to meeting with more people. What happened as we experienced deserted spaces on our own, or keeping a safe distance with others? When we only encountered people by glancing furtively at each other as we walked on the same road/path/sidewalk/field/wood?

How has the perception of our physical boundaries changed through the pandemic?

I think of Peter Gabriel’s My body is a cage

“My body is a cage that keeps me
From dancing with the one I love
But my mind holds the key”

There are no restraints to the movement of one’s mind, for better or worse, even though the lack of body movement certainly affects our ability to know that we can.