Dimitris Chimonas

Dimitris Chimonas by Perry Johnson
photo by Perry Johnson

Dimitris Chimonas is a theatre maker and a performance artist from Cyprus. The theatre plays he directed were presented at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, in theatres of the UK, Cyprus, and New York. He was commissioned by the Marina Abramovic Institute and NEON Organisation to perform at the As One Project, Benaki Museum, Athens. His latest collaborations with En.act theatre group will be representing Cyprus at the Mediterranea Young Artists Biennale in Albania.

At MYS he will present a new piece, this is it.

“Mouttallos, a former Turkish village inhabited by Greek-Cypriots is a perfect encapsulation of history and dream, a magma of conflicting narrations of the past and aspirations to a solid projection of the future. A space that keeps transforming by its inhabitants (Mouttallos as well as the whole island of Cyprus), opens up to Europe, stimulating notions of history, identity, and memory. The physical landscape of a community is communicated through verbal language, and reproduced or represented through imagery and sound always depending on the individual who takes on the responsibility of communicating”.

In this performance the artist becomes a tour guide to the public by listing out loud everything visible around him, justifying and studying their existence in relation to context.