Francesca Foscarini

photo by Matteo Maffesanti

Italian dancer and choreographer, she is internationally active and has been working with artists such as Yasmeen Godder.

Francesca’s latest piece, Vocazione all’Asimmetria, has been selected by the Aerowaves Network and will be presented at Spring Forward festival 2017. Winner of the Equilibrio Award in 2013 for Best Performer (Premio Equilibrio, Rome): the jury, chaired by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and consisting of Guy Cools, Raimund Hoghe, David Jays, and Frédéric Mazelly, acknowledged her highly developed technique, great emotional sensibility, her strong stage presence and her ability in creating a unique and original embodiment referring to her performance Grandmother, a piece created in collaboration with Sara Wiktorowicz.

For MYS she was invited to perform a beautiful piece of hers from 2009, Kalsh.

Kalsh is inspired by the idea of abandonment, as renunciation, reduction of the grip on the world and the subsequent falling down. Against this condition, there is a strong will to get that body back up, a body which seems to have forgotten its upright position. Kalsh is from Kalashnikov, a weapon that can turn even a monkey into a real fighter.