Announcement: the Immobility project

dancers by Marcel Bassachs
The river will still run to the sea by Catherine Young, photo by Marcel Bassachs

In my life I have benefited from several mobility projects, both as a translator and as a dance professional.

During my university studies I did an Erasmus exchange project (Heidelberg) and after my degree I was selected for a Leonardo traineeship project (Berlin).

I worked as a travelling reporter for dance projects all over Europe and also in Canada: Choreoroam and Choreoroam Europe (London, Madrid, Rotterdam, and Zagreb) and Triptych (Montreal and Vancouver).

I took part in the leadership project Léim through Dublin, Duesseldorf, Barcelona, and Limassol, which led me to deliver Mind your step, the project I have tried to tell you about in this website.

Through these multiple journeys I had the opportunity to meet and work with talented artists and members of the dance community. I could move around and learn how to read choreographic movement. The slogan I chose for Mind your step is indeed “Movement creates centres”.

And now that the whole world is immobile due to a global pandemic I thought that it was high time to stop and think of an immobility project. Yes! Our mind is still wandering, it moves even if we are confined within four walls. Our very body can move even in a restricted space, it can stretch, run on the spot, dance – alone, like I am now, or with our quarantine fellows.

This week we had a videocall among former Léim participants under my suggestion that: “We shared a mobility project, so we may also share a moment of immobility” and Sheila Creevey, the newly appointed CEO of Dance Ireland, encouraged me to pursue this idea. I don’t know yet where this project will take us, but this is the announcement of the start of the Immobility project, a way to move while staying at home.

I would like to continue along Mind your step’s idea to suggest choreographic itineraries through the cities, and I would also like to collect a series of links to websites that provide virtual tours to the places we temporarily can’t visit, as well as links to streamings of dance shows.

I hope you’ll like the concept, feel free to make your contribution!