Jessie Keenan, Robbie Blake and Ciara McKeon

Low _ lying

The performance investigates the strata and topography of the Docklands area: the land’s physical shape and its ancestry. The piece quotes from and directly responds to these surroundings and their history. Alongside the three creators, Low _ lying ​is made in collaboration with and performed by vocalists from Tonnta Music, Julie Shanley and Shane Barriscale, and independent dance artists, Marion Cronin and Lucia Kickham.

Choreography: Jessie Keenan, Robbie Blake and Ciara McKeon
Performers: Jessie Keenan, Robbie Blake, Ciara McKeon, Lucia Kickham, Marion Cronin, Shane Barriscale and  & Julie Shanley
Low _ lying is supported by Fumbally Court Studio and Smock Alley Theatre.

Jessie Keenan

Jessie Keenan ​is an independent dance artist based in Ireland. She trained at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds and has a Masters in Contemporary Dance Performance from the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick. Since 2010 Jessie has choreographed, directed and performed in a number of solo and collaborative dance projects. She creates detailed and articulate movement, with strong relationships to space and architecture. In order to fully realise her ideas Jessie regularly collaborates with artists from a variety of different disciplines such as music, film, visual and performance art.

Robbie Blake

Robbie Blake​ is a UK-based, Dublinborn, musician and performance-maker. A music and philosophy graduate of Trinity College Dublin, he holds a teaching and performance diploma from the Royal Irish Academy of Music and continues his studies with Robert Hollingworth at the University of York. His practice explores the forms and presentations of vocal music, particularly through interdisciplinary collaboration in solo and ensemble contexts. As artistic director of Tonnta Music, a vocal ensemble he cofounded in 2012, Robbie has led collaborative vocal projects with dance artists, visual artists and composers, always with an emphasis on the creation of new work.

Ciara McKeon

Ciara McKeon ​is a visual artist and curator whose practice focuses on live performance art. She has performed internationally, most recently at the First Fortnight Festival and SPILL festival of performance. Recent works have looked in particular at migrant suicide, notions of home, loss, and embodied shame. She cocurates Unit 1 an independent artistrun platform which supports the development of performance art in Ireland. She is a member of pre form (currently RUA RED associate artists) and Bbeyond, Belfast. Improvisation and collaboration are integral to her practice and research. She is currently the artist in studio residence at deAppendix.


Giulia Galvan, Eleanor Creighton, Argyris Argyrou, Peter Jordan, Rob Usher and all Mind Your Step Team, Inga Byrne, Sian Cunningham and all the Dance Ireland team, Rob Kearns and Ensemble Music, Tom Lane, Fumbally Court Studio and Smock Alley Theatre.