A CORPO LIBERO, by and with Silvia Gribaudi


Silvia Gribaudi


from 3.30 pm

Bassano del Grappa

“A CORPO LIBERO” Choreographed and performed by Silvia Gribaudi Winner of the Giovane Danza D’Autore Veneto award (Italy 2009) Winner of the Giovane Danza D’Autore Veneto audience award (Italy 2009) Musical Arrangement : Mauro Fiorin Silvia Gribaudi’s historic performance will be embedded in an unusual environment. It will stage an ironic interpretation of a most topical subject. A CORPO LIBERO (FREE STYLE) was created and developed during the 2009 Giovane Danza d’ Autore Veneto competition (Italy 2009). “The piece is an ironic look at the female condition through the joyful fluidity of the body”   With thanks to the Associazione Questa Nave (Marghera, Venice) for their support. “In the beginning our life was free from every impurity and as vast as the universe”. (Daisaku Ikeda-Esperia, vol.3-p.5).