Panel #2 – 2pm to 4pm

Panel #2: Making space for people in cities

Docklands uncut do we allow people in cities to shape, reshape and redefine space?

Docklands untravelled – if physical movement is the key to revealing space, how do we create beauty in the choreography of a city?

Docklands reclaimed – can public space be a living testing ground for new ideas, technologies and ways of living or working?

Do we allow people in cities to shape, reshape and redefine space? Drawing on examples from Dublin and other cities, this conversation will explore the role that choreographers, architects and urban activists can play in changing our approach to how we create and inhabit public space.

Bernadette Divilly is a choreographer and Dance Movement Therapist. Her research includes Walking Wisdom Woodquay, a collaborative project with Galway City Architect’s Office, which explores relationships between people, city places and creativity.

Seán Harrington is an award winning architect and an expert in sustainable and energy-efficient design. His practice, Seán Harrington Architects, is renowned for its approach to designing public spaces, including the Rosie Hackett Bridge, Granby Park open air theatre and the Meeting House Square Rainscreen Umbrellas in Dublin.

Samuel Bishop trained as an architect but now mainly works on animating public space with creative & meaningful events. He works with Happenings, Street Feast, Another Love Story and was part of the Upstart team involved in the creation of Granby Park.