The performances were selected through a specific open call.
The performance trail was curated by Giulia Galvan with the support of Eleanor Creighton and Pete Jordan.

Each performance reflected on aspects of the area’s shifting identities and stories and formed one ‘stop’ on a guided walk. The walk was curated by Giulia Galvan to give audiences a different perspective on this rapidly changing part of Dublin.

08 MARCH @ 12:30 & 3PM

The River Will Still Run to the Sea
Director/Choreographer: Catherine Young
Sound Design: Fiona Sheil
Performed and devised in collaboration with: Steve Blount, Kevin Coquelard, Conor Donelan,  Ivonne Kalter & Anna Kazuba.

The River will still run to the sea is a new collaborative work by choreographer Catherine Young & a number of her collaborators from the Next Stage 2014. The piece looks at the changing nature of the different worlds ensconced in the Dublin Docklands framing the docklands in parallels, juxtaposing class divides, emerging worlds, and one unchanging & unchangeable part of the city – the river.

Choreography: Fearghus Ó Conchúir with the performers, Stéphane Hisler and Jarek Cemerek
Performers: Mikel Aristegui, Bernadette Iglich, Matthew Morris and Fearghus Ó Conchúir

Niche is a dance about finding your place.  Its cast, like Dubliners new and old, adapt to changed circumstances in a choreography that is as tough, quirky and unexpectedly beautiful as the city itself. Made in Dublin’s Docklands in the last days of a boom that transformed the urban landscape and changed the lives of people who had to find their way in it, Niche returns to its origins to show a spirit that survives.

Sometimes We Break
Choreography: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy
Performers: Justine Cooper, Carl Harrison, Jessica Kennedy, Tom Lane

Sometimes We Break is a dance and sound promenade piece that explores incompleteness and ‘parts to a whole’. Leading the audience on a designed journey of movement and sound, the piece focuses on things that stop working, things that are interrupted and missing parts.

Low _ lying
Choreography: Jessie Keenan, Robbie Blake & Ciara McKeon
Performers: Lucia Kickham, Marion Cronin, Shane Barriscale & Julie Shanley

The performance investigates the strata and topography of the Docklands area: the land’s physical shape and its ancestry. The piece quotes from and directly responds to these surroundings and their history. Alongside the three creators, Low _ lyingis made in collaboration with and performed by vocalists from Tonnta Music, Julie Shanley and Shane Barriscale, and independent dance artists, Marion Cronin and Lucia Kickham.