Speakers’ bios

Teodor Celakoski

Teodor Celakoski is a cultural worker and activist from Zagreb. His work ranges from coordinating cultural programs, networking and cultural advocacy, to institutional innovation and political activism.
He is project coordinator at Multimedia Institute, Zagreb. In the last ten years he initiated several projects and platforms focused on advocating change in the Croatian culture policy field like Clubture, Zagreb Culture Kapital of Europe 3000, Alliance Operation City. Recently he has been engaged with The Right to the City campaign; fighting against devastation of public spaces and common goods in Zagreb and Croatia. This year Teodor has received ECF Princess Margriet Award for his work.


Matteo Corsi

Matteo Corsi, B.Sc. in Economics, post-graduate specialization in Urban Planning in the Developing Countries, is a Research Fellow at the Department of Economics (DIEC) of the University of Genoa, Italy.

He works as a consultant for NGOs, academic institutions and local governments of different countries in with urban planning and crime prevention projects. He was coordinator of a winning team of the 2007 national innovation competition “Giovani idee cambiano l’Italia” and member of a team recipient of the IQU 2011 prize on architecture, innovation and urban quality. His current research area deals with smart systems for the statistical analysis of urban safety.


Giulio Todescan

Born in Vicenza in 1981, a degree in Communication sciences at the Bologna University, he works as a freelance journalist for local newspapers (among others, Corriere del Veneto and La Voce dei Berici) and for the Italian national press (among others, Carta settimanale and La Nuova Ecologia). He also collaborates with press offices and creates websites and blogs. With the LIES association, acronym for Laboratorio di inchiesta economica e sociale (laboratory for economic and social inquiry) in Padua, he has been organising workshops around the issue of the journalistic inquiry. He collaborated in the creation of documentary films.


Tiziana Bolfe

Tiziana Bolfe (1983) is an Italian dancer, choreographer and architect. She began her training in contemporary dance with her mother Lucy Briaschi in Thiene (IT), ballet in Académie Princesse Grace of Monaco (FR), Scenario Pubblico in Catania (IT), The Place in London (UK).
She continued her artistic training in dance and architecture, as a freelancer with proven masters all over Europe. Since 1996 she has been performer and interpreter for Lucy Briaschi Company (IT), Collettivo Cinetico (IT), Rachel Krishe-Duenas (UK), Tabea Martin (NL), Eva Recacha (ES), Underbasement (IT). Since 2010 she has developed her own language through choreography, video, installations, some selected for the Italian platform for dance-maker, national and international festivals (Movee10 Liverpool, Maxxi Roma, Columbia University in Chicago). As a dance-maker she has collaborated with artist Cecilia Bronzini, director Matteo Maffesanti, photographers Marco Bizzotto and Monia Merlo, musician Davide Pachera and Leonardo Buccieri, and colleagues Manfredi Perego, Giorgia Nardin, Caroline Laurin-Beaucage. Since 2011, she has explored her choreographic work with research projects at CSC Garage Nardini Bassano (IT), a partner for many international projects in collaboration with: SNDO and ICK Amsterdam (NL), ArtStationFondation Poznan (PO), CircuitEst Montreal (CA); BDT / AnticorpiXL Florence (IT).

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